Fantech Mk884 Optiluxs RGB Gaming Keyboard


Fantech Optiluxs Mechanical Switches Gaming keyboards set the macro to adjust the RGB lights. There are 104 full-size gaming drivers, waterproof, dustproof. Can change the switch manually Convenient, easy to use, adjustable 14 adjustable keyboard backlight and 7 adjustable side lights (customizable manually) Can choose to like) and can increase or decrease the duration of the display of the lights and also increase the light, reduce the light, the keyboard is still in use Also multimedia Answer for those who like to play games with the Windows Lock button, so there is no need to remove the Windows button to maintain the image. The keyboard is beautiful and complete.

With a mechanical switch button that creates fusion in the press of a button well and has a sound of the switch Unique to the Mechanical Orange Switch keyboard.

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1. Mechanical BlueSwitch buttons are highly durable, can be used for longer than conventional keyboards.
2. Thai language keys for Thai usage.
3. The unique sound of the switch for mechanical blue buttons. Switch
4. The USB plug head is brass, bringing good light, allowing better data transmission.
5. No driver required. Just plug and use.
6. Adjust the display of the backlight. The keyboard can be adjusted in 14 different ways and 7 side lights can be adjusted in 7 different ways.
7. Each pattern can adjust the brightness of the light.
8 . Each model can adjust the delay of the display of the fire.
9. There is a cream for pulling the button to change inside the box.
10. Easy to clean.
11. Can support more than 50 million times.
12. Waterproof and dustproof.
13. There is a non-slip rubber on the keyboard height adjustment.
14. Windows button lock. To make the button not work When missed, hit, hit
15. Use multimedia functions via the FN button


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